CBT Hertfordshire & North London

The practise of Mindfulness is incorporated into the CBT approach offered by Helen; it is developing an awareness which helps us to be truly in the present moment.

We are able to look, non-judgementally, at the thoughts that wander into our mind and the emotions and sensations that are present.

There is a growing body of evidence to support mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy as an effective treatment for chronic depression that has been resistant to traditional CBT. As such, the NHS are starting to offer it in some areas of the country. To start to learn the practise, one can attend an 8 week course.

It is introduced, where appropriate, in the treatments that Helen tailors to treat your difficulties.

If you are interested, you might like to have a look at:

Full Catastrophe Living, Revised Edition – How to cope with stress, pain and illness using mindfulness meditation by Jon Kabat-Zinn

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