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One Session Treatment of Specific Phobias

I recently trained with the acclaimed Professor Lars Öst which was quite an honour! Being already quite comfortable and competent with the treatment of phobias, I am now trained in his One Session Treatment (yes, ‘OST ’- coincidentally, he tells me!) of specific phobias.

O.S.T has undergone research and trials and is coming out very favourably with great results (complete success actually). This is a treatment for children and for adults.

I am now offering this as one of my treatments. It would involve a pre-treatment assessment so that I can gleam all the information from you that will be helpful in your treatment – it is tailored for your very specific fears which is partly why it is so successful. the treatment itself can take a couple of hours, or however long it takes until you are no longer so fearful of your feared object – for instance, a spider, and you would say that you feel OK with it – the fear has gone.

And you might be relieved to hear that another very important factor i the success of this treatment is that you will never have to do anything you don’t want to do. All it takes is your decision that you want to be rid of your phobia!

We would then have a brief review session, this is sometimes done over the telephone for your convenience. Contact me for any more information or to book the treatment.